Welcome to New History Staff

New staff from the History Department
New staff from The University of Manchester’s History department visiting The John Rylands Library.

Misty mornings and shortening evenings remind us that summer is over (OK, it never really happened in Manchester), and that the start of the new academic year is just around the corner. It’s time to shake the dust off this blog and to prepare for the next session.

Julianne Simpson shows colleagues from the History department one of the Library’s editions printed by William Caxton.
Dr Gareth Lloyd
Dr Gareth Lloyd discusses a range of modern archives with colleagues from History.

The cohort of new academic staff in the History department visited The John Rylands Library today, with Hannah Barker, Professor of British History, as part of their induction programme at The University of Manchester. Julianne Simpson and Gareth Lloyd, Special Collections  ‘leads’ for History, introduced them  to our fabulous collections, and explained how we can assist academic staff with their research and teaching.

Julianne and Gareth offered ‘taster’ close-up sessions, showing a variety of books, manuscripts and archival items, ranging from an 11th-century Gospel Book from Walbeke Abbey (Latin MS 88), to a ‘Buffalo Bill’ Wild West scrapbook from the late 19th century. Caroline Checkley-Scott and Suzanne Fagan were also on hand to answer colleagues’ many questions about digitisation and collection care.

The event was hugely successful, with our new academic colleagues showing great enthusiasm to engage with Special Collections, and everyone agreed that there is enormous potential for the Library and the department to work more closely together, to our mutual benefit. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Hannah, Julianne and Gareth.

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