Multispectral Imaging at CHICC

CLICK for an animated gif showing the sequence of the light panels across the spectrum, from UV through visible to infrared.

Our colleagues in CHICC (the Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care) have recently acquired at set of MegaVision spectral lighting panels, which give us the capacity to undertake cutting-edge multispectral imaging on our collections. Mike Toth who has worked on the spectral imaging of the Archimedes palimpsest and other projects visited the Library for a two-day workshop on multi-spectral imaging. Mike also gave a great presentation to staff about his recent work on the Galen Palimpsest digitisation project, and the importance of creating an online repository for the data. Mike has also been working on an incredible spectral project within St Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai desert, a wonderful in depth article can be found here.

For more information on these exciting developments, visit the CHICC blog at

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