Medieval Chronicle Roll Fully Digitised

Colleagues in the Library’s Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care (CHICC) have digitised Latin MS 113, a late 15th-century chronicle roll that once belonged to John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln. It shows the descent of Edward IV from Brutus, the legendary founder of Britain, with a series of thirty-five medallion portraits of English monarchs.

The roll recently featured in the BBC2 documentary on the first Tudor monarch, ‘Henry VII: Winter King’, presented by historian Thomas Penn. In his book Winter King, Penn notes: “Squashed in the right-hand margin, the name of Henry VII has been added, and above it, back through the roll, a thick black line has been crudely drawn, tracing his descent from, derisively, ‘Owen Tudor, a chamber servant’.”

Our own, slightly less polished, video features senior photographers Gwen Jones and Jamie Robinson digitising the twenty-foot roll. The process took rather longer than the Benny Hill-style video might suggest.

The digitised images can be found on LUNA here.

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