Transcription of Brut Chronicle Added to LUNA

Rylands English MS 103 has received a full transcription on Luna. The Brut Chronicle (a History of England), was one of the most popular Middle English prose texts, and is extant in English in approximately 181 manuscripts as well as other manuscripts in Anglo-Norman and Latin. The Brut ‘served as the standard account of English history’ (1). This Brut is one of 6 manuscript Bruts held at the Rylands library. The narrative commences with the story of Brutus of Troy arriving in England. It is a 1347 continuation, and the last folio ends with Edward III and the Battle of Crecy.

The earlier narrative is mainly chronological lists of kings, earls, barons and archbishops commixed with legends such as that of King Arthur and the predictions of Merlin. As the text progresses, it contains some very detailed battle scenes and was in ‘no doubt read by its earliest audience as in some sense accurate history’ (2).

Transcribed by volunteer transcriber and part-time PhD student Mary Begley. Mary’s PhD is entitled ‘Diachronic semantic change in the lexical field of madness’.

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