Gold Consolidation: Assessment of an Armenian MS

Gill Birch observing Armenian MS 3. Note our new microscope, acquired thanks to the Innovation Fund!
Steve Mooney using the old microscope for the consolidation of the Beatus (Latin MS 8)

Collection care is starting a program of gold consolidation, thanks to the acquisition of a state of the art microscope, which wouldn’t have happened without the donations received through the Innovation Fund

Gill Birch, Senior Conservator in the Conservation department, is analyzing and assessing a marvellous Armenian manuscript in parchment, with many pages that look like a glistering ornate carpet.

Steve Mooney, who worked on the pigment consolidation of several treasures of the John Rylands Library, is now in the process of organizing tuition sessions on the gold consolidation for the collection care team.

The first stage of the process includes the assessment of each individual page, in order to check the condition of the gold foil.

Copy of the MS for the assessment, beside the original
Copy of Armenian MS 3, with the original under a spotlight (assessment phase)




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