John Rylands Research Institute Seminars

You are warmly invited to the John Rylands Research Institute Seminar Series. Seminars are held on alternate Tuesdays, from 4pm to 5pm, in the Christie Room at the John Rylands Library on Deansgate.

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Dates for 2015-2016 

29 September 2015, 4pm-5pm

A Baffling Breakthrough: Making Colour in the 1486 Book of St Albans

The Book of St Albans (St Albans: Schoolmaster Printer, 1486) is celebrated as one of the greatest landmarks of printing.  This talk explores how the visionary schoolmaster could (and couldn’t) have made these extraordinary images and explains why unlocking his forgotten secrets is so important today.

Dr Elizabeth Savage, British Academy Post Doctorial Research Fellow

13 October 2015, 4pm-5pm

Abstract to be confirmed

Dr Katharina Keim, British Academy Post Doctorial Research Fellow

27 October 2015, 4pm-5pm

Contesting the Medieval/Modern Binary

The melding of disciplines, which seem upon first impression to be incompatible, has often been described as problematic and fruitless. This discussion will address the ways in which traditional literary studies can be re-read through, and transformed by, book-historical and postcolonial approaches to material culture.

Paul Clarke, PhD Candidate, John Rylands Research Institute

10 November 2015, 4pm-5pm

Rolling back the Years: Peter of Poitiers’ Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi at the Rylands

Peter of Poitiers’ Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi, a genealogy of the history of Christ composed in the late twelfth century, is an example of a diagrammatic chronicle depicting the ancestral predecessors of Christ.  This Seminar will discuss the content and provenance of the two copies of the text present in the collection of the John Rylands Library, placing them within a broader medieval tradition of the use of visual techniques for the representation and recollection of information.

Dr Irene O’Daly, Research Fellow, Associate Programme Director, MA Medieval and Early Modern Studies

24 November 2015, 4pm-5pm

Rethinking persecutions: P.Ryl. 3 469 and the Manichaeans in Egypt

Bought in Egypt in 1920 by B.P. Grenfell , the so-called Christian letter against the Manichaeans published by C. Roberts in 1938 offers a direct glimpse into competing monotheisms in late antique Egypt. Through a new reading and interpretation of the text in its wider context, this paper proposes a different perspective on monotheisms and the imperial answers to the challenges and opportunities they represented for secular power.

Dr Roberta Mazza, Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History 

8 December 2015, 4pm-5pm

Abstract to be confirmed

Dr Stefania Silvestri, Research Associate, John Rylands Research Institute 

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