Craft: a one-day conference at the John Rylands Library

On Thursday 2 June, the Library will be providing the venue for a conference organised by Dr Anke Bernau and Dr James Paz.

This one-day conference will consider different ways in which the term ‘craft’ helps us to think through and articulate our approach to the medieval and early modern sources (in a range of media) that we work with. These, in turn, help us to think about the diverse possible manifestations and significations of the term ‘craft’ in premodern culture.

Keynote speakers:

Catherine E. Karkov (Leeds):  ‘The Craft of Concealment’

Sarah Salih (King’s College, London): ‘Wondrous Pagan Crafts’

Speakers (University of Manchester):

Anke Bernau: ‘The Artificial Curiosity of Craft’

Catherine Casson: ‘Crafting Reputation: Strategies for Economic Success in English Medieval Towns’

Irene O’Daly: ‘Crafting Prayer: Rylands Latin MS 18 (Arbor Caritatis et Misericordiae) and the Art of Salvation’

James Paz: ‘The Craft of Wayland the Smith: Technology and Magic, Artifice and Deception’

Elaine Tierney: ‘Crafting the Ephemeral City: Sheds in Early Modern London’

Registration will open March 2016 and close May 7th 2016.

The programme will run between 10am-5pm.

Cost for the day:

  • Including lunch: £15 / £10 concessions
  • Excluding lunch: £10 / £5 concessions

For further information and registration, contact either Dr Anke Bernau or Dr James Paz:

Rylands English MS 1, Lydgate's Troy Book
Rylands English MS 1, Lydgate’s Troy Book

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