John Rylands Research Institute Visiting Early Career Research Fellowships

The Institute has announced the call for this new Fellowship.

Doctor of Law, from W. H. Pyne, Costume of Great Britain (1808).

Visiting Early Career Research Fellowships are an opportunity for applicants currently completing, or within two years of the award of their doctorate, to work on an application for an externally funded postdoctoral fellowship (for example, from the British Academy, Leverhulme Trust or Wellcome Trust) to conduct a future research project using The University of Manchester Library’s Special Collections. It is intended to allow those unfamiliar with either archival research or special collections, or specifically the rich holdings of the Library’s  Special Collections, to identify areas of particular research promise for them, and, with the assistance of a skilled grant writer, to produce an application for a postdoctoral fellowship which would be focused on the holdings of the Library’s  Special Collections and would be held at the John Rylands Research Institute for the duration of the fellowship.

The John Rylands Research Institute is a unique partnership led by the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Humanities  and The University of Manchester Library in which humanities scholars, scientists, curators, conservators and digital imaging specialists are brought together to uncover, explore, unravel and reveal hidden ideas and knowledge contained within the Library’s world-leading Special Collections. The Library’s unique collections count among the foremost repositories of primary sources in the UK, offering research potential across an exceptionally broad array of disciplines, chronologies and geographical areas.

Further information on how to apply can be found at:

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