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Return of Reader Services’ Curious Finds


  • What are Curious Finds?

Curious Finds are blog posts shining a spotlight on interesting visual and historical finds from our collections. They are discovered by our Reading Room staff, as well as by our Readers.

  • What other Curious Finds have we posted?

We have posted everything from poetry about nuns’ buns, to the Georgian jealousy glasses used to spy on unsuspecting guests at the opera. We have also posted about a Temperance Society Scrapbook, made to illustrate the evils of drink. (see below)


  • Where can you see these posts?

On our Special Collections blog. Please click the link below and search for “Curious Finds” or the second link which will take you to all the previous Curious Finds posts.



  • What can you expect from the next Curious Finds?

We are currently working on posts detailing a palm reader’s appraisal of the lines on Queen Elizabeth’s hand, and what it supposedly indicated about her character, as well as an ‘explosive’ look at the experimental blowing up of boilers. Please keep checking the Special Collections blog for updates.

  • How can you submit your own Curious Find?

If you would like to join as a Reader and submit your own Curious Find, please contact us at: uml.special-collections@manchester.ac.uk or 0161 275 3764 to enquire about ordering material from our collections.

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