European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture (EDPOP)

Workshop Friday 17 November 2017

jrl17030971 croppedThe aim of the EDPOP project is to develop an international network and a virtual research environment (VRE) to facilitate and stimulate innovative research on European popular print culture. The focus of this workshop hosted by the John Rylands Research Institute is ‘Religion and Popular Print’ to coincide with the current exhibition on The Reformation at the John Rylands Library.

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Workshop Programme

10.00 Welcome: Julianne Simpson

10.15 Introduction EDPOP: Jeroen Salman (Utrecht)

10.30 Lieke Stelling (Utrecht), ‘Humour, nostalgia and religion in early modern “News from the Afterlife” pamphlets’

11.10: Drew Thomas (St Andrew’s), ‘The Reformation and popular print: production, counterfeits and the role of fraud in spreading Luther’s message’

11.50: Thomas Wroblewski (Manchester), ‘Priests, physicians and possessed patients: medical print culture and demonic possession in early modern England’

12.30 Lunch (own arrangements)

13.30 Laura Carnelos (CERL/British Library): The production of European popular print: a comparative approach’.

14.15 Jeroen Salman (Utrecht): ‘Street sellers and itinerant traders of popular print: what makes a European comparison so interesting? ‘

15.00 Shanti Graheli (Glasgow): ‘Consumers of popular print: problems, methodology and indirect evidence’,

15.30: Discussion and further plans

17.00 Finish

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