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Archives Travelled Throughout July

Langford Brooke Family, Colwyn Bay, 1916
Langford Brooke Family, Colwyn Bay, 1916

The John Rylands Library are contributing to the national social media campaign Explore Your Archive throughout the month of July. We have accepted the challenge to post on the theme of #ArchiveTravelled in an attempt to showcase the breadth and range of material we hold here. In the coming month the team will be posting a different image for each day on Twitter and Instagram along this theme – their ideas encompass maps, holidays, souvenirs, exploration and tourism. We’re encouraging you to become involved too by commenting on posts, retweeting and checking out whether we’ve included some of your favourite items from our collections.

Langford Brooke Family Photographs
Langford Brooke Family, Colwyn Bay, 1916

Obviously, with holidays approaching, we have included some of travel to the seaside and what we might now consider to be a traditional British beach holiday – the ones above are from our Langford Brooke Collection of family photographs.  They are unusual for the time because of the way they show the family so informally, both at home and on holiday.  We’re loving the beach wear!

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