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Digital Collections Internship – part 2 – SPOTLIGHT on Hana Sharkey

Hana Sharkey is a BA (Hons) Photography final year student at the University of Salford. In the summer of 2021, Hana got in touch with Imaging to ask if there were any opportunities for work experience. With a keen interest in history and culture, she is passionate about pursuing a career as a photographer in the Cultural Heritage Sector when she has finished her course.

Hana shared some impressive and original work with us, including her diptychs of influential 19th- and 20th-century women, her self-portrait in the style of a cabinet card, and museum photography work that she has already completed.

While on the digital internship Hana created some outstanding images of the Rylands building, and my personal favourite is an image of the doors to the Rylands Gallery – reminiscent of Bedford Lemere and Co.’s early photographs of the Rylands. She also captured a breath-taking view of the ceiling of the Historic Reading Room, and a view from the Historic Men’s Toilets – a view which none of the photographers had even seen in photographic form before.

Doorway to the Rylands Gallery. Copyright Hana Sharkey 2021.
Ceiling of the Rylands Historic Reading Room. Copyright Hana Sharkey 2021.
Statue of John Rylands. Copyright Hana Sharkey 2021.
Statue of Enriqueta Rylands. Copyright Hana Sharkey 2021.
View from the Historic Men’s Toilets. Copyright Hana Sharkey 2021.

Thank you Hana for reaching out and getting in touch with us. It has been a wonderful experience for the whole team and we are looking forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

You can follow Hana’s photography work on Instagram: @hana_sharkey_photography

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  1. Thank you, Hana! I really enjoyed this post.

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