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New Acquisition To Our Visual Collections By Local Artist Anthony McCarthy

A newly acquired artwork by Anthony McCarthy depicts an alcove in the Historic Reading Room

Anthony McCarthy John Rylands Interior Reading Room And Lit Book 2018
Visual Collections VFA.67
Mixed media art work on paper

We recently acquired this wonderful artwork for our visual collections by Manchester based artist Anthony McCarthy. It is now catalogued and details can be found in Library Search. It depicts the atmospheric space of one of the study alcoves in our Historic Reading Room.  Anthony is a long-time supporter of the library and exhibited here in 2012 and 2014. He has also exhibited at The Lowry Centre and Salford’s City Art Gallery, where they also have works in their permanent collection.

His large body of work consists mostly of scenes of urban life and landmarks in Manchester, its suburbs, and Salford.  Anyone familiar with these cities should not fail to find at least one of their favourite places depicted by Anthony. Given that he has worked with the L S Lowry collection of paintings and drawings for many years it is easy to see how he has been inspired.

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  1. Clare Baker

    Lovely post Kirsty! Really pleased to see Anthony’s work on the catalogue and here on the blog.

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